Pocket bras for silicone boobs

TheBreastFormStore has very carefully selected bras for silicone breasts that we know are suitable for the crossdresser and transgender community. These feminine bras are designed not only to tighten your natural breast tissue and define the shape of your body, but they also help keep your silicone breasts in place.

Our bras have longer and not too narrow straps so that you have a comfortable wearing. The cups of the bras are chosen to fully cover your breast inserts and blend seamlessly with your body. Most of our bras have 4 rows of hooks for a better fit.

Prosthetic bras are an absolute must for girls who have decided to wear silicone breasts. These styles have built in pockets in the cup to hold your breast inserts in place without using glue. The pockets of the bras do not have to be used if you prefer to fix your breasts with adhesives.

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