Product Informations

Here you find helpful product informations about our large selection of crossdressing items.

Conventional silicone breasts consist of a plastic bag into which the silicone mass is filled. This makes it difficult to achieve a natural feeling on the skin and a realistic look.

With the No-Membrane Technology of the Divine Collection and Gold Seal CustomSkin products, the silicone breasts are elaborately handcrafted. The breast is not encased in a plastic bag, but made from a piece of high-quality silicone in a special process. The special technique enables a very realistic look and a very natural feel to the skin of the breast and nipples. Breasts in no-membrane technology cannot burst and are therefore absolutely safe to sleep.

Self-adhesive silicone breasts are coated on the back with a special layer of adhesive silicone. As a result, the breasts last for a very long time without additional adhesives. The strength of the adhesion naturally depends on the weight of the breasts and the texture of the skin. All self-adhesive breasts can of course also be used with additional adhesives to increase the adhesion. Here you can find the different adhesives.